FADO Starter — Crypto crowdfunding and lending pools💧

3 min readApr 26, 2022


There are few funding options in the market for online entrepreneurs to start their e-commerce businesses such as debt or equity financing, business loans, merchant cash advance, etc. However, such financing is very hard to access for most small entrepreneurs with complicated requirements.🥀

🤟FADO Go is devoted to providing sellers/merchants a more flexible approach to decentralized financing solutions that help to expand their businesses with peace of mind and sustainability. The initiative offers sellers a totally digital experience, allowing them to raise money quickly without burdensome paperwork. At the same time, this also gives the public opportunities to explore potential companies.

🌱We will create a crypto-based crowdfunding platform to bring creative projects to life and support creators/sellers to access DeFi and get funded in crypto. Basically, either funding or credit will be offered by crypto liquidity provider (LP) pools or crypto lenders through our launchpad where creators/sellers can apply their project for funding from the crypto community worldwide.

✨The biggest upside of FADO crypto crowdfunding platform is the transparency it brings to the table. As there are no intermediaries involved, there is a clear money trail to follow. Moreover, our launchpad relies on smart contract technology to ensure the money being raised is spent on what the companies need to pursue rather than wasting funds. Since no intermediaries are involved, there is a significant reduction in costs to organize the sale and fully collect raised money afterward. We understand that startups often need every cent they can scrape together, efficiency on the fees front is surely essential.

🌸With decentralized financing, projects can make their new product designs or prototypes, and NFTs items into real productions and physical delivery to project investors. Besides, the funding can be used for other business purposes like inventory management, product line expansion and reaching a larger number of customers.

👉When online entrepreneurs agree to join the Fado platform, they will no longer have to worry about how to maintain substantial working capital in order to keep the business running, significantly improve sales and acquire new customers, and diversify into different products. They can also handle basic cash flow responsibilities (such as payroll, taxes, and rent) or capitalize on company possibilities (react to unexpected opportunities and gain a competitive advantage).

About FADO Go

FADO Go is a Blockchain-based platform that facilitates cross-border shopping easier by connecting consumers, brands, KOLs, and logistics providers on a decentralized network. Shoppers can enjoy the global online shopping experience and earn with cryptocurrency (FADO Token).

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A blockchain-based platform that facilitates cross-border shopping by connecting consumers, brands, KOLs, and logistics providers on a decentralized network.