FADO Token Overview

🌟 Blockchain technology will transform low-liquidated loyalty points with real buying powers 🌟

  • Cost-effective payment: Transactional fees and foreign exchange rates will be eliminated when using FADO tokens. Blockchain transactions do not involve third parties, ruling out hefty fees of transaction processing for intermediaries.
  • Time-saving: As for traditional methods, payment may take several days to reach merchants’ accounts. On the other hand, blockchain transactions may take only seconds to complete money transfers. A huge plus is that cryptocurrency transfers can be processed automatically anywhere with near-zero fees.
  • Highly secured: Blockchain revolutionizes e-commerce payment to be more secure and seamless. FADO Go will exploit blockchain applications as they allow excellent data security through encryption and decentralization. With tokenized transactions, customers’ account data is safe and “disguised” into a different digital credential that cannot be hacked or stolen.
  • One-click payment: Blockchain enables shoppers to save their payment information in an encrypted and secured manner. The next time they shop, there is no need to enter the payment data again.


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A blockchain-based platform that facilitates cross-border shopping by connecting consumers, brands, KOLs, and logistics providers on a decentralized network.