❓What is Live Shopping❓

🔥 Live Shopping’s procedure can be wrapped up like this:

🤝 Here are some benefits if you join with us:

  • Small businesses register to livestream products in FADO token
  • Select products they like from brands and livestream to sell
  • Airdrop FADO token to fans during promotions and games
  • Livestream to earn and get paid in FADO token by livestream hours, view counts, and sales volumes
  • Leverage fan subscriptions which allow dedicated fans to support them by paying for special benefits
  • Watch livestreams to earn FADO token
  • Receive tips in FADO token from KOLs

About FADO Go

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A blockchain-based platform that facilitates cross-border shopping by connecting consumers, brands, KOLs, and logistics providers on a decentralized network.